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Menurut Wikipedia, Token yang tidak dapat dipertukarkan (Non-Fungible Token atau NFT) adalah berkas digital yang identitas dan kepemilikannya unik diverifikasi pada rantai blok. NFT tidak saling bertukar. NFTs umumnya dibuat dengan mengunggah berkas, seperti karya seni digital, ke pasar lelang.

Ini membuat salinan berkas, yang direkam sebagai NFT pada buku besar digital. Sementara berkas digital itu sendiri dapat direproduksi tanpa batas, NFT yang mewakili berkas digital dilacak di rantai blok dan memberikan bukti kepemilikan kepada pembeli. Rantai blok seperti Ethereum dan Flow masing-masing memiliki standar tokennya sendiri untuk menentukan penggunaan NFT mereka.

Gold is one of the colors favored by most people. I also like the gold color. Gold talks about something valuable, of course, much desired because of the value contained in it.

To be like gold, we must know all the potential that we have and start maximizing it little by little until finally pure gold appears that has gone through various processes and obstacles.

Believe in yourself and keep moving forward to get what you want. Believe me, you will definitely be able to achieve it if you don’t give up in the middle of a journey that can be very long.

Don’t give up, keep moving! Love yourself.
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The condition of the world today is not good. The virus has hit almost all over the world, that’s why we must take good care of ourselves, wherever we are.

Although anyone can catch the virus, it would be nice if we always take care of ourselves so as not to get infected.

Always wear a mask to minimize the spread of the virus. In addition, using a mask can also make us cooler as long as it adjusts the clothes we use.

Hopefully the world can return to normal without a prolonged pandemic. Love Your Self !

The biggest enemy in life is yourself. You have to be at peace with yourself in order to advance through the obstacles that come from outside of you. Contemplating to find a solution from yourself is very helpful to move to the next stage.

Don’t doubt yourself, believe that you can do anything as long as you believe in yourself and continue to improve your ability to overcome every challenge that comes your way.

Veteran street is located in Central Jakarta, close to vital buildings such as the State Palace of the Republic of Indonesia and also the Istiqlal Mosque.

The location of the road which is included in the main ring area of ​​the Republic of Indonesia is indeed never empty of users with various purposes.

This photo was taken from the pedestrian bridge that connects pedestrians to the Transjakarta bus station and also the Juanda railway station.

Opposite to Hayam Wuruk Street, Gajah Mada Street is a road that is never deserted by various kinds of vehicles.

As a business associate in West Jakarta, this location is better known as “Glodok” by many people. Gajah Mada street is also a protocol road that has Transjakarta bus facilities available.

This photo was taken on January 14, 2020, exactly 2 months before Covid hit in March 2020. We can travel without having to wear a mask and can meet anyone without being afraid of contracting the virus.

Bank Mandiri Kota Tua Jakarta is one of the historic buildings with a not young age but the building still stands firmly.

In addition to the independent bank building, there are also several historic buildings nearby such as the Mandiri Museum, Bank Indonesia Museum, Jakarta city station, Fatahilah Museum, Jembatan Merah and others.

This location is right after the red light (if walking from Gajah Mada to Kota Tua).